The End is Only the Beginning

Time flies! I realised that not only have I not written a post in a while, but I have not yet written a post talking about the finishing and release of the film. So the official release date of The Rose of Turaida is the 1st of January, 2013. When I look back over the course of the production, I somehow thought that this film had taken around two years to make, but when I began checking timestamps on the earliest files I created, I realised that I had actually started in October 2009, which was over three years ago, even before I had finished my first short, Sneeze Me Away. I can’t believe it has been that long.


It has been difficult and fun working on this film, and I whole heartedly thank everyone who had any involvement, especially Nicole Brady, the musical genius without whom, this film would be a boring mess. I also need to thank my wife for putting up with my crazy ideas and being ok with me spending our life savings on following this crazy dream I have.


With the film done, the task of entering it into festivals began a few months ago, and this can be pretty time consuming. It seems every festival wants almost the same information about the film formatted in so many different ways. One festival wants a synopsis no more than 300 characters, another wants no more than 250 words. This festival wants five seconds of black in front of the film, another festival requires the file size to be no more than 60mb. One festival wants dialogue in a text form, another wants it in a .srt file format, etc. But regardless, I have a pretty aggressive festival release plan for Rose, tripling the amount of festivals that it will be entered into than my plan for Sneeze Me Away. I have no idea ultimately how this highly stylised film will be received, but so far the reaction has been positive, and I can only hope that it will stay like that.

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