The Amazing Race

Now I will outline the final type of motivation.


Type 4: Motivation by Competition

There are times when competitiveness can lead to motivation, and in my opinion, it is the least most common form of motivation. I’ll admit that this may be a little controversial, but nonetheless at least to me, it has been a tool of usefulness.


There are certain people in the industry that I measure myself against on rare occasion, a good number of these people I have worked with in the industry, and the rest whom I admire but have never met in person. It is a secret competition though, for none of them know. When I hear of one of these people succeeding, for example gaining some sort of promotion, or completes a great short that has won awards, or has worked on a successful feature film, I try to use this news to spur me on to also do great things also. Competition is a fascinating force in humans, it can turn the most meek of us to do great things in our lives. Why not try and harness it’s power to produce great art and film?


Now while the creation of art and film can exist entirely without competitiveness, when used at the right time, they can greatly benefit from it. So do yourself a favour, and when internal and external inspiration have run out, and there isn’t enough guilt to get you through, try placing yourself in a secret race with a talented person, or even a few people. You may be surprised by how much competitive spirit you may have in you when you realise that you are now losing your own race in which you have set up the rules yourself. Now go and win, and if you must, try and beat me to greatness, we’ll see who gets there first!

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