Beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel…

About a month ago I reached a major milestone where I had completed the entire film up to around 50% quality level. I had also recorded some temp dialogue and laid over some very temp music to go with it. It was great to see, and gave me a big push of motivation to complete the film. I kind of saw it as the peak of the hill, because even though I still had a lot of work in front of me, most of the creative decisions had been settled, and in my opinion, the creative decisions take the most time to sort out.


Then last night I had figured out that I have now completed about about one third of the film up to 90% quality. I feel like the film is speeding ahead now, and almost like it could finish itself with all the momentum it has at the moment! My motivation is at an all time high as every evening I submit renders to my mini render farm, and every morning I am seeing something cool and new which then inspires me to keep going even more.


I hope to be able to lock in a narrator soon, and in about a month from now I hope to start thinking about the music, which is when the super talented Nicole Brady will begin to take part.


So all in all, everything is going according to plan. I hope to finish the film in about three months from now, which is good timing as that’s when my first child is due!


Now back to work …

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