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Written, Directed and Animated by
Ryan Grobins

Narrated by
Astra Kronite

Music Composed by
Nicole Brady

Daina Kains

Vocals and Percussion
Laura Bishop

Tristan Coelho

Phillip Hartl
Askar Nurlanov
Sylwia Kowalik
Tom Dethlefs

David Wicks
Jacqueline Cronin
Jo Tobin

Andrew Wilson
Clair Kahn
Davina Shum

Simon Todkill

Tristan Coelho
Coralie Hartl

Music Recorded at
Studio 301

Narration Recorded by
Tom Watson

Narration Recorded at
Current Sound

Special Thanks
Hyojung Kim Grobins
Tian Kim Grobins
Eriks Bruno Grobins
Campbell McGrouther
Loic Laurelut
Eric Gambini
Alan Wong
· About the Director
Ryan is an up and coming director. His first animated short film, Sneeze Me Away, a thirteen and a half minute adventure for children, was released in 2010 and played in 31 festivals around the world, picking up a few awards along the way. The Rose of Turaida marks Ryan's second short animated film, and he is now at work on his third short animated film, Cyan Eyed. Ryan also works as a Lead Lighting Artist in the visual effects industry on films such as X-Men: Days of Future Past and Happy Feet. See more of Ryan's professional and personal work here:
Contact Ryan Grobins:
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